About fortis chambers

Fortis Chambers includes some of the most respected, experienced and trusted Solicitor Advocates in Scotland. In court we provide robust representation. Our Solicitor Advocates, both Senior and Junior counsel, are experts in examining witnesses and presenting legal argument. Our members have an exceptional level of expertise in criminal law, practising at the forefront of trial and appeal court work every day.

In addition to our extensive experience of defending serious crimes of violence, dishonesty, drug offences and sexual offences our expertise also includes 'white-collar' crime such as high-value fraud, health & safety prosecutions and corporate crimes. We have defended many complex and high-profile prosecutions and presented appeals at the highest levels.

Criminal Solicitor Advocates in Scotland

We are also experts in preparing cases for trial or appeal. At Fortis chambers we know the pressure you are under to prepare cases properly. We know the ever-increasing demands on defence solicitors mean you have more to do in a shorter time-scale. We also know how difficult it is to keep up to date with the rules of court and sentencing habits of individual judges. So whether you need help with drafting defences or court documents, require an opinion at short notice or just have a question about time-limits or procedure, we can help you, and we can save you time.

Advocate Training & CPD

Our Solicitor Advocates also provide a programme of training and CPD events for solicitors and other professionals. These seminars will help to keep you up to date with changes in criminal law and changes to the rules of court.

Fortis Chambers provides an exceptional service; we understand your and your clients requirements. Our experienced and trusted Solicitor Advocates ensure you receive excellent results, every time.

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