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Solicitor Advocates are experienced lawyers who have undergone extensive training in the advocacy and pleading skills required in the conduct of proceedings in the Higher Courts of Scotland and in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. They routinely present cases before the High Court of Justiciary, the Court of Appeal (a higher division of the High Court of Justiciary) and the Supreme Court. They also enjoy rights of audience before the European Court of Justice and the Court of Human Rights.

At Fortis Chambers we have Solicitor Advocates who are able to assist you with the many complex issues that can arise in criminal prosecutions whether instigated by the Crown or by one of the increasing number of bodies regulate the conduct of our civil society in areas such as trading standards, the environment, health and safety, medical malfeasance and breaches of the banking codes, to name but a few.

Our Solicitor Advocates are also able to provide written opinions in relation to the complex legal issues in the course of prosecutions whether instigated before the higher courts or other regulatory tribunals.

Solemn Cases in the High Court of Justiciary

  1. Providing advice, consult with client, prepare defence statement and written records.  Conducting negotiations with the Crown and appearing at preliminary hearing and Trial Diets.

Appeal Cases

Draft Appeals, provide Opinions on grounds of Appeal, Appear at Bail Hearings, provide case and arguments for the Appeal and conduct Appeals.

  1. We also provide advice in relation to complex areas of the law and assist in providing CPD lectures in areas which will help firms to keep up to date in the changes in criminal Law.

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